mp3cd: Reverse direction, or should be

I’m going to include mp3cd here today, even though I was a little less than successful with it.


You can look through those error messages, and see if you spot the issue. For my own part, I think this might be out of date with the perl substructure. But I am no perl wizard. Perhaps you are. 😉

I will mention that while there were spaces in the filenames for the music, I had a completely different set of errors. So I consider this an improvement, even though I don’t think this is what should have happened.

And what should have happened? If I understand the home page right, I think this should read an m3u file and send it straight to CD. Sort of a one-shot straight-to-disc tool.

But as you can see, it fell short. If you have any clues, let me know. I have a feeling this is probably workable, but might need some surgery first.