yfklog: A text-only ham radio log

My daily adventure with ls vimwiki/ | shuf -n1 has dropped me off in the deep end again, this time with a lovely little application that I know ab-so-lutely nothing about.

2014-10-04-6m47421-yfklog-01 2014-10-04-6m47421-yfklog-02

That is yfklog, which is a ham radio log that … I just don’t have any frame of reference for. I know so little about ham radios, I’m embarrassed to say anything about it at all for fear of embarrassing myself on a worldwide scale.

On the other hand, today is Sunday, so it’s unlikely that anyone would travel across this page and see my blunder. … 😕

I can tell you that it has a nice color scheme that is easy to read. I can tell you it has a menu-driven layout and is very easy to navigate.

And I can tell you the one shortcoming that I could see, that it didn’t resize cleanly to terminal dimensions other than the specific size you see above.

Now I am afraid I have to end this, because until I learn something about ham radios, and then learn how a logging tool would be useful, and then learn how to use yfklog … well, I’m wasting your time. 😦

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