worm, worms, wtf and wump: bsd-games takes over

I looked at the remains of the W section and realized half of it comes from bsd-games, so I’m just going to sit back and allow it to steal an entire post.

A worm by any other name would smell just like a snake.


(Try to ignore the image corruption there.) Pros: ASCII-based. Arrow-key navigation. Doesn’t care how big your terminal is. Animated at the speed of an actual worm. Cons: Animated at the speed of an actual worm. Not really a challenge. Overall: Probably more intended for little kids than big kids.

Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll go eat worms.


(Again, sorry about the image corruption.) Pros: Makes a great screensaver. Includes only a few options, but they actually have a strong effect on the output. Cons: You’ll need to trigger the delay on anything faster than a 486. Aside from consuming cycles and contributing to screen wear, doesn’t really do anything. Overall: This is a standby on my machines that use console-based screensavers, along with rain. I have a tendency to yank those binaries out of the bsd-games package, transplant them into my own home path, and uninstall the rest of bsd-games because those two are the only ones I want. I’m a heartless savage, I know.



Pros: AFAICT, SSIA. Cons: NSFW. JMO; YMMV. Overall: Oddly, wtf is not included in the Arch bsd-games package, but is part of the Debian version. Why? IDK. IANADD.

You caught the mountain wumpus! He gave you his treasure chest ($100) to let him go free again.


Pros: Old-school maze-type text-only adventure game. Believe it or not, this is the way games were, not but two or three generations ago. Cons: Entertaining for about 20 minutes at a maximum, and only if you’re using it as a soporific. Overall: Depending on how old you are and what computer you grew up with, this is either the original classic Hunt the Wumpus game, or a cheap knockoff that can be summarily dismissed as programming garbage. The title should give you a hint as to what team I am on.

Ordinarily I would have broken these four into individual posts, but sometimes these games are so thin that there is little to be said about them, except for what you see above. And what can I say? I am getting anxious for the X-Y-Z sections. 😳

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