percol: More menu-like options, plus searching and color

I’m a little behind the power curve in recent days. I dislike going on vacation for that one reason alone: Inevitably things get stacked up and are worse on the day after than in the time before. 😐

I’ve got percol to show today, and I think you’ll enjoy this one.

2014-08-05-6m47421-percol-01 2014-08-05-6m47421-percol-02 2014-08-05-6m47421-percol-03 2014-08-05-6m47421-percol-04

If you remember sentaku, percol might look a little familiar. percol adds the element of color, and some fuzzy searching as a bonus.

sentaku split menu items differently from percol, and if you want to inject this into the year-old slmenu gimmick, it might require the same menu-list approach as slmenu. The one-liner I suggested for sentaku doesn’t quite work the same way with percol. If that’s what you’re after, I recommend

eval $(cat menu.txt | percol)

instead, with the list of titles in menu.txt. You should get the same effect.

percol has a clean interface, obvious key commands and returns exactly what you select. There are a healthy number of options, so you can make it behave like you want. And the author suggests it can handle huge lists without too much sweat.

I can’t find any downsides to percol; sentaku took the slmenu trick out of the status line, and percol allows for even smoother menu selection. If there’s a fault to be seen in any of this, I can’t spot it. 😉

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