ticker: Glitter for your pre-Pentium III

I should also note ticker again, mostly for my own reference in the future. And because I love animated screenshots now.


ticker is probably under the radar in a lot of distros; the home page has a PKGBUILD for Archers and that can probably be adjusted to match other systems.

ticker is nice and lightweight. I can remember running this on very old systems, with no slowdown aside from the framebuffer’s natural refresh rate.

You’ll need to adjust it a little to get the effect you want, and remember that if your vertical screen size exceeds your text length, there isn’t much of a “ticker” effect.

I’d advise checking date --help for information on the date-time codes you prefer, because that’s probably a good place to start for display text.

And of course, bonus points for jamming the output from quote into ticker. Good grief, that’s almost too obvious. …

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