minime: The 9.8K text editor

I have a huge list of text editors that could be added to my own dwindling list of programs, but I keep them separate because this site would just turn into The Text Editor of the Day Blog. And yours truly would suffer a nervous breakdown.

I do have one that I really like though: minime.


This one comes by way of an e-mail suggestion, and if I called it a minimalist editor, that would be an understatement. It’s not every day I see a new text editor, but it’s even more rare to see one in so little space.

The download page measures minime at only 9.7Kb, and it shows up at 9.8Kb in the version I cloned from the git address. Either way, that’s really small.

It might take a second to get used to minime, but I’ll give you a few hints. Use ALT+l to list the files in your directory. Start typing and you’re in insert mode. Highlight text with SHIFT+arrows, and if you have xsel installed, this is where your copy and paste functions appear. Copy in with ALT+W and paste out with CTRL+y.

Edit the minimerc file if those commands are a little awkward for you. They were for me.

As you might guess from the screenshot, most of minime’s functions are console commands interpreted on the run. So xsel is responsible for the copying and pasting. Pressing CTRL+n gives you a new file, courtesy of true. And you can see fmt at work there, for reformatting the text on screen.

I like that. I know that some of its functions are rudimentary, particularly when compared with behemoths like vim or emacs. But I think this has the potential to work as a sort of hybrid editor for the console. Imagine stacking up your favorite commands as CTRL key sequences. …

My only fear is that its reliance on xsel might hamstring it at the virtual console. Let me think about that one for a while. 😐

Anyway, nice work for an under-10Kb program. And of course, note that you’ll need python to run minime, and xsel if you want those functions. Happy editing! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “minime: The 9.8K text editor

  1. dennis

    it doesn’t really count though if it requires python! Here’s the source for an 18 byte text editor… only dependency is vi πŸ˜›

    exec vi

    Joking aside… the smallest (no requirements) real editor I found is “e3” – 17kb for the 64 bit version!

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