ncmpcpp: The thing with the vertical lines

Sometimes I see stuff on the ‘net, in screenshots or requests for help, and I spend hours trying to figure out what is that thing with the vertical lines?!


It didn’t take too long to track down ncmpcpp this time. The visualizer is apparently a new component, and requires a little configuration to get working.


ncmpcpp is, as you probably know, one of many front-ends to the inimitable mpd.

I usually shun mpd and company, partly because I find it troublesome to set up, but also because most of the frontends behave like a music managers, and I don’t care for music managers.

I will give a nod of support to cmus though, if only for its ability to run at super-slow speeds.

But as far as I know, ncmpcpp is the only console player that has a visualizer. Please correct me if I’m wrong; in the mean time I will cross my fingers that this trend is on an upswing.

Please note that I emphasized visualizer there. Equalizers are another thing altogether, and one I hope to revisit again soon.

P.S.: Yes, K_Mandla is me.

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