smbc: Don’t take my word for it

I have a screenshot of smbc — a/k/a samba commander, a/k/a Simple Samba Commander — to share, but I’ll be honest when I show it: I haven’t any more to tell about smbc than what you see here.


Reason being, smbc crashed spectacularly every time I used it in Mint, about two seconds after I hit the Enter key. If there is more to smbc than just the interface I see there, I never had time to check it out.

It’s probably not fair to mention it in such a poor light though; things that fail like this are invariably my fault. I don’t have a lot of experience with samba on the whole, and so probably the explosive nature of smbc is due to my error.

As a side note, with so little experience with samba and with only about four seconds of experience with smbc, I can only wonder if this is just a “network explorer,” or if it’s intended to compete with other text-based file managers on the market.

Regardless, I don’t see enough of it to know if it’s necessarily better than, for example, ranger or Midnight Commander, or if it has some special feature special to samba that makes it preferable.

I leave it to you to explore, since it will probably require a proper network arrangement and configuration before it can be properly assessed. Don’t take my experience as any indicator.

I should note that the homepage listed on the Debian package page is wrong, and points to a dead site. The Arch version (which wouldn’t build for me) has the link listed above.

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