nmon: A monitor for everything

I could swear I have seen nmon before, and yet it’s not in the list of applications I commented on already, and it’s not on the old blog. I must have dreamed it. O_o


nmon picks up the reins of collectl, giving a variety of monitors that are all visible at your cue, on a long list of subsystems.

nmon works as a full-screen application though, with one-key commands that toggle boxed displays down the screen. If you find you don’t want a particular monitor or if you feel you need more space, you can add or subtract monitors as nmon runs.

Keypresses are easy-to-remember mnemonics, too. c for CPU, d for disks, n for network, k for kernel statistics … and so forth. And if you can’t remember one, press the h key for a help panel.

There are also “short” views of some monitors, that restrict themselves to active processes or active disk access, rather than listing a lot of deadbeats. It will save space, I promise.

nmon does just about everything right in my book, with the exception of no apparent provision for scrolling. It does a beautiful job providing a customizable panel of monitors, but you’ll end up turning off one or two so you can view one or the other.

Plus, the order of the panels seems fixed, so it’s not a matter of stacking them in the most convenient order for you; whether you start the CPU monitor or the network monitor first, they’ll always appear in the same order.

That’s a terribly small complaint though, and hardly worth voicing. nmon does a great job putting a lot of otherwise esoteric system information at your fingertips, with enough controls and options to keep even me busy.

Let me dig around here and … see if I have any … ah, here we are: For color, flexibility, usefulness and presentation, I hereby award one highly coveted K.Mandla gold star for nmon: ⭐ 😉

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