mp3gain: The scientific term

There’s a long list of mp3-related tools to come, and it’s a large part of what makes the M section so intimidating. It could be weeks before this is over.

mp3gain is next, a tool that reads peak levels and adjusts them for one file or for a whole album. This is what prevents particular songs from sounding “louder” than others on the same album, which can be annoying.

I am no longer an audiophile though, so as long as one song doesn’t whisper and then next one blast my eardrums, I usually don’t complain.

I do have a dash of OCPD though, and so the short time it takes to adjust the gain across an album is usually satisfying to me.


mp3gain has a lot of options that you’ll need to look into. Depending on your level of audio perfectionism, there may be one or two there that warrant attention.

The list of mp3 tools is not finished with mp3check, mp3gain,, et alia. Stay tuned, the fun’s not over yet. 😐