recap: Everything about everything from everything, prepacked

I’ve cruised through enough system information tools over the past couple of years to recognize a few good ones and more than a few bad ones.

recap takes some of the better ones, mixes them together, and generates customizable reports.


That’s an example, where recap can pull in things like free, vmstat (think: procps), sar and a few other tools you might recognize off hand. Output goes to /var/log/recap/.

If I understand correctly, the author intended for recap to work at interval, along with something like cron. This makes sense, as a polling and logging tool that you can trace backward in time.

As a roundup of system data, recap makes good sense and has enough small customizable points to tweak that you can probably adjust it to your needs or wants.

I do feel obligated to mention though, that recap itself, for what I can see, is really only marshaling the efforts of outside tools, and consolidating their output. So it’s true, recap doesn’t seem to be doing any of the heavy lifting, but it does put together a nice summary.

And you might have a script already that does that for you. If not, chances are you could whip one up in a short amount of time.

On the other hand, recap seems to have done for you already. 😉