zonecheck: Check your zone, friend

I am stumbling into grey areas that I don’t really understand again, and it always makes me a little uncomfortable.

I can see on the home page that zonecheck looks for DNS misconfigurations, which usually show up as network lags. That much makes sense, I think.

How zonecheck actually does that, and how zonecheck finds its results and reports them … well, that’s where I start to fall away.


What little I know about zonecheck is coming almost directly from the man pages, and if there is a better way to use it, I’d be happy to learn.

As it is, I find the results to be only a little more than bewildering. But nothing popped up and screamed, “Error! Error! Error!” So I think I’m doing all right.

zonecheck is in Debian but not in Arch, unless it’s hiding somewhere that pkgfile can’t find it. I tried building it from source in Arch, but it wants a specific ruby dependency and I’m having trouble finding it.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to stop writing about something I admittedly don’t understand, so I won’t feel like a fool later on. 😳