pandoc: Let the games begin

Thursdays are just the worst days for me. I’m pretty sure every Thursday this year has been too darned busy to get something up on these pages.

Except when I’ve had the foresight to prepare something ahead of time. This week, I just didn’t.

Oh well. Let’s start in with the P section. I had to skip over a few that were either lost or already done (pal is here, if you were waiting) to get to pandoc.


pandoc came up in conversation not long ago — when we passed over markdown, if I remember right. Maybe it was another time.

Regardless, it’s safe to say that pandoc converts document formats from everything to everything.

No, really. It even makes that dangerous leap to docx. I looked over the lists of formats and styles it supports, and was a little embarrassed that it knows more than I do. 😯

That’s not really saying much though. And while pandoc has a marvelous repertoire, it’s not much to look at … as you can see above.

I hold no grudge for that; we’ve run into plenty of conversion tools in this little adventure, and by and large they suffer in the “appearances” category.

I will say this though: pandoc’s home page is a delight. Very clean and fast, with lots of examples and with a nifty form you can spew text into, and get an idea of its conversion skills.

So for those things, I am willing to overlook the lack of any real interface to pandoc proper.

Not that one is required, of course. 😉

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