sic: Thusly was it written

I honestly have a hard time finding fault with anything that filters down from the geniuses at sic is another example.


For a sparse Internet chat application, you can’t get much closer to the bone than sic. Well, there is ii, from the same crew, and it’s potentially sparser. But for a singular application, to the best of my knowledge sic is as-yet unbeaten.

As you can see there, sic doesn’t pretty things up. Join a channel and it’s all spilled into one stream. For some people that might be an information overload, but if you dislike switching windows (like me), it’s heaven.

sic doesn’t do a lot of things. It doesn’t have the pre-installed script-like features of scrollz, or the newb-friendly window-like interface of rhapsody. sic just does what sic does, and any more than that is frivolity. 👿

I like that, strangely enough. I am torn sometimes between ultra-sparse tools like sic, and clean and complete applications like rhapsody. I think that tries to suggest something about the duality of man. 😉

sic is in Arch and Debian, and as it appeals to those with minimalistic inclinations, that shouldn’t surprise you.

A final note: The conversion of hyperlinks you see in the screenshot is not part of sic. That’s a nifty trick for rxvt-unicode that the godlike Arch wiki taught me. 😀

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