ncdc: Direct connect in ncurses

I missed a step somwhere, around the turn of the century, when direct connect became a thing for file sharing. Somehow I went straight from the naivete of Napster to the vicious intricacy of Gnutella to the hideous maelstrom of malware and Kazaa, then popped out somewhere around rtorrent and youtube-dl. :\

I never received the memo about direct connect, and as a result I always manage to confuse that with direct cable connection, which is not only totally unrelated, but a nightmare of bad memories in its own right. 😯 And as luck would have it, I’m not really in the market much for peer-to-peer file sharing these days, unless it has to do with a newly released Linux ISO.

So ncdc, an ncurses client for direct connect, is pleasing … but about a dozen years late to really pique my interest.

2014-11-04-2sjx281-ncdc-01 2014-11-04-2sjx281-ncdc-02

I had no trouble building ncdc, and it connected without effort too. The quick instructions on the home page were enough to get me into ncdc as far as you see, plus a little more.

I didn’t actually download anything, but I did browse a few files just out of curiosity. ncdc never balked and never spat an error, unless I did something outside the bounds of normal.

What strikes me most about ncdc, strictly from an interface standpoint, is how much it resembles programs like irssi and some other IRC clients. ncdc includes a “tabbed” interface, and you bounce between tabs via the ALT key and the number of the tab. The main or original tab is a kind of system log. Connecting and searching and listing connected users is done with slash-commands. All very much like irssi (but not like rhapsody 😉 ).

So even if you don’t have much experience with direct connect, like me, you’ll probably be mostly comfortable getting ncdc started.

Beyond that I don’t have much advice for ncdc. Most of the basic commands are found on the home page or by triggering the help function to show in the main tab. If you’re still an avid file sharer and need something lightweight for direct connect transfers, ncdc could fill the bill. 🙂