tidyhtml: Erasing your coding sins

Woe betide the uninitiated first arriving in the realm of HTML coding. Your work is shoddy, your style is crude, and your mismatched closing font tags belie the awful depths of your ignorance. Return to your hovel, peasant. Meditate on your sins and return when you have abandoned the wickedness of your ways.

Know ye first that this is foul. Slatternly. Slovenly.


Such petulance will be erased by repeatedly striking a rod across the palms. The HTML elite do not suffer such insolence.

This instead is the first step on the path of enlightenment:


Beauty. Elegance. Symmetry. Balance. Two-space indents. Only years of practice, asceticism and adherence to the principles of coding like a girl can produce such delicate, exquisite HTML.

The cultured elite can produce code of such perfection with ease. They do it daily. It is as natural for them as an eagle soaring on the wind.

For others, there are no shortcuts. Only toil and tedium. No easy path. No tricks or gimmi


What devilry is this?! Begone, you monstrosity! There are no short routes to achieving nirvana! Your sorcery will not go unpunished! The Yama kings gnash their teeth in anticipation of your arrival in the afterworld. đŸ‘¿