toilet: Now with color!

Technically speaking, I’ve already shown toilet in action, more than a year ago. Here’s one more, just for good measure.


toilet, as you can see, is another “text enlargement” tool, in the vein of figlet. The obvious difference being, toilet is intended to apply color.

The real joy of working with toilet is the rainbow and metal effects that you can get, in addition to the fonts, unicode support and filters. figlet may have spearheaded the banner text tool, but toilet gives it a new spin.

Oddly, toilet is in Debian main, but in AUR — not Arch proper. I can’t be sure what the reason is for that, but I would suspect there is some sort of licensing issue at work.

No matter. You can enjoy the thrill of giant-size text in an amazing array of colors, regardless of which distro you use. 😉