naim: Not quite due diligence

I’m stuck in that conundrum again, where I have a messenger that I hope to mention here, but I don’t have an account for its particular service.


That’s naim, which I believe should hook up to Aim, the chat service that very proudly touts its 17-year heritage on its website.

Be that as it may, in the past 17 years I’ve never gotten an Aim account. I’d do so now, but the last time I opened an account just to show a client, I never went back to it. And for all I know, it has been expunged as inactive.

All that is immaterial. I’m willing to assume naim works as promised, and give it bonus points for color. 😉

But short of actually connecting and using it, I’m afraid that’s as close as I can get.

The sad part is, I know there are more toys like this coming in the N section. So there will be more untestables. 😕

P.S., I should mention that installing naim gives you nicq, nirc and nlily as well, so depending on your network, this might be the tool for you.