soma.cli: An alternative solution

I have another console-based interface for here, which surprises me, since I didn’t know the station was so popular as to warrant so many specific applications. 😕

soma.cli does something similar to what soma did, but is a little more narrow in its approach. Behold:


soma.cli attempts much the same trick as soma, but without a lot of the (snicker) bells and whistles that soma offered. Pick a number, it starts playing, and you can change or quit from there.

soma also played streams from other sources; I don’t doubt soma.cli could do that too, if you were willing to hotwire it.

mplayer is the backend again, and if you pick through the guts of soma.cli, it too is fairly easy to dissect.

Both soma.cli and soma will rely on your machine being strong enough to push the carcass of mplayer around, and before the 300Mhz generation, that might be a real feat of strength.

soma.cli took a little while to start playing for me; I assumed it was because mplayer was caching but I didn’t really seek out an answer on that. Tell me if you know.

I think that’s all the players that I have. And that’s either a good thing or a bad thing. You can decide.

2 thoughts on “soma.cli: An alternative solution

  1. Philipp Pirozhkov

    I’m still trying to switch to Mopidy. It seems to have plugins for every sound source on the net including, and it is a drop-in replacement for mpd and thus ncmpcpp etc compatible.

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