rdfind: Echolocation

I once destroyed — utterly destroyed — a Windows XP installation by playing fast and loose with a utility that sought out duplicate files and arbitrarily removed them.

You can imagine the havoc that caused. I couldn’t tell you the name of the utility now, and it doesn’t really matter except that tinkering with rdfind brought that memory back.


No, I didn’t destroy any Linux installations today, and I daresay that neither Linux nor rdfind would allow me to utterly decimate the system without at least showing some credentials. I get by with a little help from my friends.

It does sound like the author of rdfind may have had similar experiences though, given the explanation on the home page and rdfind’s options for linking files, as well as removing them outright.

I also like that rdfind creates an output file, showing the fruits of its labor and giving you a report on its opinions. Every program should be so polite.

Seeing as rdfind was Ian Munsie’s suggestion, I suppose I should offer one small note of thanks for pushing me in this direction. I do think it’s a step above fdupes, in technical terms.

Now all I need are some duplicate files to thrash. … 😈