route: Clean and pretty routing info

I almost skipped over route, since it seems like such a simple thing. route, for the most part, shows your kernel routing table, and beyond that it is suspiciously mute.


Of course, on a more complex machine, and not just on my lowly Thinkpad, route would probably have some more interesting things to tell.

Judging by its help info, route also gives you the option to adjust the routing table.

But if it’s okay with you, I’ll avoid tampering with that. I had a near-death experience with a firewall utility way back in the F section, and it left me gun-shy.

In Arch, route is part of net-tools; in Debian it’s the same. I think in the future I shall just start using a smiley-face system to show whether a tool is included in a distro or not. 😐

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