nettoe: The fundamental challenge reappears

I can remember when I was in secondary school, and my assignment in computer class was to write a tic-tac-toe game. A greater challenge came later, when we had to simulate an entire TV game show.

That was probably the high point of my programming career, which only goes to show that experiences don’t always dictate future career choices.

Of course it also means I can sympathize, in a way, with the makers of nettoe.


As you might guess from the name, nettoe plays tic-tac-toe at the console, between players or with the computer, or across a network. And it’s that last part that I admire most.

Game play is easy to manage. Color is strong. The computer has its foibles, and it’s not impossible to beat it.

In fact, I can find no fault with nettoe, and provided it handles network play as well as it suggests, I would probably rank it alongside vitetris as one of the strongest console game renditions around.

Seeing as it’s simple, colorful, managable and svelte, I have no choice but to award the coveted K.Mandla gold smilie to nettoe. For perfection in every aspiration … nettoe: 😀

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