pdmenu: The bane of geek showoffs

Most of the console fanatics I know would sooner chop off all ten of their digits one-by-one with a rusty grapefruit spoon than surrender their blinky blinky cursor to something like pdmenu.


But pdmenu is really quite nifty, and if I may be so bold, no less supergeekcool than the slmenu gimmick I foisted upon the world last year.

Multicolor, full-screen, customizable, hooks itself neatly into Debian’s menu tool, has sane controls and defaults … what’s not to like?

Oh, that’s not dialectics, I actually know the answer. The bleary-eyed console addicts are addicted to showing off their 80 words-per-minute typing rate for core Unix commands, and pdmenu makes the blinky blinky cursor accessible to everyone. The horror! 😯

No more elitist machine-gunner hunt-and-peck console gurus while pdmenu is around. No more grand bearded Linux wizards, if triggering the application du jour is as easy as down-arrow-down-arrow-return. The knuckles will atrophy!

We all need our little spheres of control, I guess.

pdmenu will take you about a minute and a half to configure with the tools you prefer for text-only applications. If you can configure something like Openbox or IceWM, you can definitely handle pdmenu.

And best of all, you can whip the throne out from under your local condescending Unix computer genius. Here’s a nickel, kid. Get yourself a better computer.

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