nast: A feeling of incompleteness

I am reminded of kismet when I start nast.


And I know very little of the finer points of networking, but I get the impression they both do similar things: probe networks and read the traffic going by.

It’s my unfamiliarity with such endeavours that suggests to me maybe I don’t fully understand them. But at the same time I get the feeling that nast isn’t quite finished.

You can see where there’s a smudge of menus at the start of the program. And nast has locked up twice when I tested it.

It may be that it’s busy doing something, but aside from the little that you saw in the gif, I can’t seem to make it do much else.

If I knew what I was doing, and if I knew what tool I needed, and if both nast and kismet could do it, and if I had to choose, right now I’d probably go with kismet.

But that’s a lot of ifs. 😕