myman: Still a magnificent achievement

In contrast to Liberal Crime Squad, mentioning a Pac-Man derivative is probably just bad form.

It’s true, the game itself has no more depth than a shallow bowl of mashed potatoes, but the beauty of this one is not in its depth or intricacy.

It’s in its sheer comprehensiveness.

2013-05-04-solo-2150-myman-big 2013-05-04-solo-2150-myman-bitmap 2013-05-04-solo-2150-myman-huge

2013-05-04-solo-2150-myman-pac2600 2013-05-04-solo-2150-myman-plain 2013-05-04-solo-2150-myman-xfred

2013-05-04-vgn-nw50jb-myman-bitmapb 2013-05-04-vgn-nw50jb-myman-xbitmap 2013-05-04-vgn-nw50jb-xbigman

All of those are part of the myman suite, which may just be the world’s most comprehensive assault on unifying every variation on a single game ever created.

I will tell you that the AUR version draws in a few X-ish dependencies, like xterm, but it will run without X.

I will also tell you that the “variation” generally picks the map, and the “size” flag usually picks the rendering method, whether it’s drawing ascii characters or extrapolating the classic bitmaps.

After that, I can’t imagine what else you would need to know. After all: It’s just Pac-Man. 🙄

4 thoughts on “myman: Still a magnificent achievement

  1. Lex

    Remove –with-xterm and its entry from depends in the PKGBuild and you go without “X-ish” dependencies 😉

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