vilistextum: Stripping out the code

Here’s a tool that you might find useful, even if it doesn’t have much in the way of an “interface.”

2013-02-28-solo-2150-vilistextum-01 2013-02-28-solo-2150-vilistextum-02

vilistextum (which doesn’t seem to follow any naming convention 😉 ) does a very clean job of stripping code from html pages. If I understand it correctly, it was intended to compliment mutt, the holy grail of text-based mail readers.

On its own though, you can use it to pull the text from web pages, or display only the goods from anything hidden in dense html.

vilistextum isn’t the only tool like this — dehtml is another, html2text is out there too — and I’m sure there are a few more that do much the same thing. vilistextum seems to have nice clean output though, and will reformat to fit terminal widths or UTF-8.

And so, with a certain sense of ceremony, I give you a clumsy but effective text-based browser.


curl | vilistextum - - | most

Enjoy. 🙂

3 thoughts on “vilistextum: Stripping out the code

  1. Isaac

    One of the perks of vilistextum is that it is “specifically programmed to get the best out of incorrect html” (vilistextum man page). This means that it is likely to work well where other HTML to text tools complain about malformed HTML. It also works wonders on HTML snippets and segments.

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