moc: And then there was one

I think I have exhausted my list of music players and audio clients, within practical terms.

Between the magic of Open Cubic Player and the sparsity of mpc and the flair of camp, I think most everything has been covered.

Except for one.


moc has been the house standby for years now, ever since cplay left the building and up until ocp burst onto the scene.

I won’t belabor the topic by drooling over moc again. Suffice to say it has all the high points of all the applications I’ve seen for the past 10 days or so.

And I won’t list them here. If you try it, and you see those same strong points, you’ll no doubt understand why. 😉

11 thoughts on “moc: And then there was one

  1. Loomx

    Wow, what a lineup! Hats off…

    For a true command-line option, how about plait? –
    It’s a wrapper script for the likes of ogg123, mpg123, mpg321 or the mighty mplayer.
    You can then run commands like:
    plait –mix mingus monk metheny –tracks 20
    plait –stream –random jazz not smooth

    …or it might just inspire you to write your own wrapper script, to get the ultimate custom console creation 🙂


  2. lola

    hey, I’ve loved reading up on all the different music players, wrappers, daemons, clients, and utilities!

    would you consider doing a write-up comparing them all in one post?

    or maybe just make the blog searchable for those of us who like to dig B)

    (btw, your blog rules)

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