scapy: If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance

The thing I like most about scapy is that it makes me look terrifically geeky-smart.


That’s the Linux Mint version, and … I haven’t a single clue as to what it’s doing. I was just following the commands on the demo page.

I see on the home page that scapy is intended for packet manipulation. And I see that it’s interactive and multicolored, and for that I award points.

But what it’s doing is far beyond anything I can imagine, as a lowly desktop user.

However, I know full well that there are very talented people out there beyond my computer screen, and it may be that scapy is something incredibly useful and interesting to them.

So if you’re into packet manipulation, either as part of your job or just for the adrenalin rush, scapy is there for you.

And if you’re in the movie industry, the next time you need something generic to dump into your film that looks really geeky but is more than likely harmless … scapy might do the trick. 🙄