slsc: Resurrected at long last

If you didn’t see John’s note from a day or two ago, you might have missed an important bit of news:


slsc has been updated to run with the newest slang libraries, which makes it very much a usable program again. O frabjous day! 🙂

I’m quite excited by that, because it means (by my informal estimations) that the total number of functional text-only spreadsheet programs has increased by one. This represents an uptick on the graph. An upswing in the market. This pleases me.

And if sc was never to your liking, slsc might be a much more appealing title. Customizable color. Customizable navigation. Menu-driven. Onboard help. Compatibility (for the most part, in my preliminary checks) with sc-format files. And best of all, light as a feather and quick as a rabbit.

To the best of my knowledge, slsc fell out of Debian-based distros as far back as 2007 or 2008, since the man pages for Dapper held slsc, but those after didn’t. AUR probably had slsc in it around the same time, but I’m sure someone weeded it out in the years that followed. Maybe it can make its way back into those distros now.

Five years ago I said “old programs don’t die, they just patiently await reincarnation.” See, you knew I wouldn’t lie to you. 😉