mp3burn: Straight to video — I mean, audio

If you think I’m nervous about reaching way back to 2001 for something like mp3burn, you needn’t worry.


One thing you can say about Debian, it does a good job preserving its multitude of components.

Of course, that’s Linux Mint 16, which is only a distant cousin to Debian, but mp3burn works well from the repos there. I didn’t find it in Arch. 😯 Amazing, I know.

I’ll admit I didn’t actually burn a CD though; I’m low on CDs right now. 😕 But not bad for a program with an 0.1 version dated 2001. It seems to have aged well.

mp3burn’s claim to fame is that it doesn’t spill decoded mp3s to disk, which saves space in the conversion process.

Remembering back to 2001, I can see why mp3burn would have won a few converts. Disk space was a little tighter 12 years ago, and filling a disk while writing a CD was a danger.

Regardless, mp3burn still works, even if disk space isn’t a worry these days.

Oh, and I know you thought mp3wrap would round out all the mp3* programs. Not by a long shot. 😈