raggle: Yesteryear’s newsreader

I can’t be sure, but I think raggle was one of the first console-driven newsreaders I test-drove, almost seven years ago.

Unfortunately, the years between the final 2005 release and now have not been kind.


You have to look close, but raggle has run aground on an issue or two that, while I would be honored to try, I doubt I could do much to fix.

That’s the AUR version, by the way, which is abandoned. Unfortunately, if raggle was ever in Debian, it has since disappeared. The list of ignominies goes on.

I guess raggle’s denouement is nothing new though; I made a note in 2009 that said it didn’t work anymore, in spite of past successes. I probably should have listed it among the crippled and broken things at the end of the section.

So I hope you’ll forgive me if I list it in a spotlight one last time. Perhaps some talented coder will see it and take pity, and give it a new home. … 😥

1 thought on “raggle: Yesteryear’s newsreader

  1. Theodore

    Hope someone will fulfill your wish, ’cause it’s ef ing ruby and I will not

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