midicomp: Translate your midi files

Sorry for the delay. I ran into some real-life logistical issues yesterday. As a result I have a backlog of posts to write but enough time today to swim through them. So I think I can catch up.

I should mention first that I have rotten luck with midi applications. I can’t recall a single one that has played anything out over my speakers, and yes, I’ll take the blame for that.

But it does leave me rather despondent and unhopeful, whenever the next tool comes along.

midicomp, as I understand it, translates .mid files into and out of plain text, and I’m glad to say this one seems to be working for me.


Of course, it’s just converting between one format and human-readable text. I don’t suppose there’s much that I could screw up there. šŸ™„

I should mention that I have seen “midicomp” in one or two places around the net, but most links seem to point at a dead site. The version that you see here was cloned from github, and now that I think about it, may or may not be related to the missing title.

Like I said, I have rotten luck with midi applications as a general rule. That probably stems from almost never using them; if you have more use for them and needs something to convert back and forth, this should do the trick.

By the way, this is not in Debian or Arch/AUR (this working version, that is). So if you’re looking for something painless to adopt. …

1 thought on “midicomp: Translate your midi files

  1. L Michaels

    I’ve used midicomp once in a while to edit midi files in a text editor. I typically use abcMidi though. midicomp is based on t2mf and mf2t. It translates files to text (for possible editing) and then back to midi. The abcMidi tools translate ABC notation (music notation easily editable in a text editor) to midi and can also convert back to ABC notation. There’s more information about midicomp at the Freepats Project site, but the link you gave is probably the best place to get the latest source. (Mark’s involved with the Freepats Project.)

    Timidity++ is one of the best ways I’ve found to play back midi and Karaoke midi files or convert them to wave format (if that’s easier to play).

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