mg: An ultralight emacs, if you can believe it

I mentioned e3 the other day as my fave-rave editor in the ultra-ultra-lightweight division.

In the days that followed I was rightly reminded via scathing e-mail to mention mg, as a skin-tight rendition of emacs.

And so I offer this slightly outdated screenshot as a sacrifice to the Internet gods.


I have to be honest though. I have trouble just exiting emacs-ish programs. I can never really figure out which keypress is the command sequence, and which is the exit key.

That’s what I get, I suppose, for shifting into the vim camp so many years ago. (And I’m not even a big vim fan either. 😦 Sigh.)

Regardless, if you prefer the emacs style but dislike all its baggage, mg might be enough to mollify you.

And if neither vim nor emacs is your style, then I recommend you join the sane crowd and stick with jed. As I probably should do. 😐