scrollz: Fast, friendly and light

The man page for scrollz told me a lot more about it than I had written in my notes.


A lot more than was on the home page either, although to be fair, there seem to be some domain redirection issues there. 😐

scrollz is written in C, and I’m a fan of most any program that can trace its heritage back to C … mostly because they seem to run faster and lighter than most other software. You can see that in things like cmus, mcplay, ctorrent and some others.

scrollz also boasts that it carries a lot of the features seen in IRC scripts as part of its internal structure. I am afraid I’m not enough of an IRC fan to know what those scripts are, or why they’re so great.

The features also include Blowfish encryption — which I can see the reason for — special features for IRC operators, user-friendly nick and channel completion, and some other things.

The user-friendly completion sticks out in my mind, after years of working with irssi and after only recently jumping ship to rhapsody. It’s nice to have an application prompt you for your nickname rather than just spit demeaning errors at you, and expect you to know how to fix the situation.

Egads, am I shifting back to the graphical side? 😯

Not likely. But it does mean that scrollz — kind of in the same way as rhapsody, but to a lesser degree — seems to have a less staid approach.

And I will mention that I like the status bar that scrollz employs. That, on top of a gilded tmux or screen status line would be another geek trophy.

For the moment I’m still enraptured by rhapsody, and my efforts to build scrollz in Arch were less-than-fruitful (it says I “must get working getaddrinfo()” … whatever that means). I will keep it in mind though, for future adventures

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