siphon (and ‘Siphon): For simple network transfers

I’ve got two programs named siphon. One of them actually is called Log Siphon, and the other is just siphon. And unfortunately, only one will get a proper shakedown today.

Log Siphon is a “Event Management & Monitoring System,” and I’d be happy to give it a spin, except that you have to apply to download a 15-day trial copy.

Not sure what that’s about. 😦

So I turn to the other siphon, which gave me flashbacks to 1998 for a second, because I thought it was a throwback to Direct Cable Connection. You get a bonus point if you remember what that is. 😕

But actually siphon sends files over a network connection, given just an address and perhaps a destination folder. Take a look:

2014-04-26-6m47421-siphon-listening 2014-04-26-6m47421-siphon-sending

Granted, that’s just doubling back to myself, but it seems to work. I don’t have an arrangement that would allow me to actually loop it across a router or hub right now. 😦

siphon is exceptionally simple, but needs to be running on both machines to work. No daemons, just one listening and one sending. Remind you of anything?

The first criticism of siphon will be that there’s no provision for security or encryption. If I understand the home page, it’s intended to be Unixy, and so you should be looking for ancillary tools to handle that for you, if those things are concerns.

siphon is not the only tool in its class, but it has a charm to it. I am reminded of things like woof and ncp, both of which are clean and crisp ways of doing the same thing.

Now if only I could find a way of setting up an Direct Cable Connection. … 😯

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