todo.c: A task organizer with a sense of style

Occasionally text-only software implies text-only-in-an-emulator, and I generally don’t split hairs over what works at the framebuffer, and what works in an emulator.

todo.c is a very terse, very clean task organizer that employs some color and some graphical elements that might not be ideal for a font-restrictive environment.


If you look closely in the gif, you’ll see that the marks for “incomplete” are red X’s. Finish a task and a green check appears. It’s a nice touch, particularly if you enjoy a highly customized but still text-based computing experience. 🙄

At the framebuffer though, that appears as a red box for me, and the check is likewise inaccessible, showing as a green square. Sigh. 😦

This is a good time to cruise past todo.c though, because we’re cresting the wave of applications that hover around a todo.txt file. And todo.c’s output is particularly stylish.


No Photoshop 1.8a there, friends. todo.c sends its output and reads its data from a very clean, very sharp looking todo.txt file. I daresay you could take that home to meet your mother. 😉

I can’t say this will be compatible with every todo.txt gimmick available in the universe at this point in time, but it definitely gets bonus points on the dismount. 😀

todo.c also gets a nod for being exceptionally svelte — and this time, I really mean it. The executable is 16Kb once compiled, and with all the source code and intermediary files it barely crests 73kb. That is quite a feat.

Sure, it doesn’t have all the wangdoodles and diddlybobs that some elder programs offer, but if you don’t need the intricate detail and incessant fussing of higher order task organizers, this could work perfectly.

And you even get little green check marks when you finally finish something. :mrgreen:

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