moe: A small step closer to a word processor

If you remember the days of text-based word processors like WordStar or WordPerfect, something like moe is probably more appealing than a funky text editor.


I am not the decider, but to me, moe has a feel that’s definite a step away from the terrible twins of the terminal, vim and emacs.

Most of the file handling sequences — like saving and opening — are single function key presses. Copying and pasting are part of a block highlighting command, which is done without leaving a “command” mode for an “insert” mode.

Help is F1. Options are F10. There are special keypresses for inserting and uninserting text, and you can set the tab size as a command line flag. What isn’t handled through the CTRL key is relegated to the ALT key, and most of the commands are simple mnemonics.

I know I rattle the vim and emacs cages for being obtuse, and invariably pitch yet another editor du jour as the way out of darkness.

And it might be that there are one or two with a splash of brilliance. If my prattling gets old, tell me. But just remember for every practical, usable, sensible, intuitive editor that I mention here, there are ten more out there in the wild that are probably just as good, and don’t carry half the baggage of vim or emacs. My point is, there are options. Viable, sane options.

Maybe one day there will be a blog that just follows text editors. I hope I’m not on the wrong end of that one. 😯