pente: Another historical rendition

I’m having a tough time thinking of something to say about pente that’s nearly as witty as what I said about pdmenu. 😦


pente is very straightforward though: The game was invented only 40 years ago which makes it still a newcomer, in the grand sense of things.

This rendition simply moves the board, tokens and scoring to the digital realm, accomplishing much the same thing as mille.

Rules are fairly simple, and judging by the Wikipedia page, Pente shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to learn, even if you’ve never seen it before.

pente has an X mode, a curses mode and a pseudo-turn-based straight text mode that’s vaguely reminiscent of gnuchess. curses is my favorite; the X version is a bit outdated. 🙄

I had trouble building the Arch version, even though I know for a fact it was working as recently as three years ago. It’s possible you know how to fix it without too much effort, but I’m afraid troubleshooting is lost on me this time.

Of course, the Debian/Ubuntu/Mint version works fine. So if you need your Pente fix, and you’re using one of those three, you’re only moments away from bliss. 😉