yagtd: For getting things done

With yagtd and with tomorrow’s application, I can finally cap off a big chunk of programs I’ve had perched and waiting to be written about, for literally years.

So let’s move forward. As a task organizer, this looks a lot like iKog.py, from a few weeks ago.


Similar style, with events and commands within a command-line framework. I toyed a bit with this one, like I did with iKog.py, but my needs for a task organizer are outstripped the potential here.

I could transfer everything I use hnb and wyrd for, and end up with a very powerful program in yagtd, and almost no real information that needs managed there.

But that’s how things work though. I would feel comfortable suggesting yagtd if you find iKog.py appealing but eccentric.

Between either of the two, you’re bound to hit upon one that feels right.

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