tasknc: These aren’t the droids you’re looking for

You probably thought we were finished with taskwarrior. The fact is though, that taskwarrior is sufficiently influential to warrant mention of a few of its derivatives and offshoots.

tasknc is one of those, even though it seems to fall a little short of target.


tasknc is not the “official” console application interface I hinted about the other day. This is a home-grown effort, and it does a pretty good job.

It follows vi-like controls, has onboard help pages, has a few color options, and otherwise makes a good show of arranging your tasks data in a more navigable format.

Unfortunately, it seems like some of the puzzle pieces are missing from tasknc. Deleting an item, for example causes tasknc to lock up for me, and CTRL+C is the only way out.

I had some similar problems when viewing item information, but there is the chance that I had done that to myself, by mistaking viewer controls for list controls. And sorting is a bit cryptic, with just a prompt for “sort by”. Meaning … name? date? I’m lost there.

On the whole it appears that tasknc has a pretty good grip on what taskwarrior itself can do, and manages to incorporate most of those tenets into a proper fullscreen interface.

On those points I’m willing to give tasknc a tentative seal of approval, and credit it as a step up from taskwarrior’s traditional rolling text display.

It’s not, however, the “official” interface you might be waiting for. That’s still at least a month or two into the future. 😐

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