A very good mass converter

I mentioned already today that I have a lot of music that comes to me in other formats, even though I keep most everything as an ogg.

I don’t really have a rationale for that; I just happen to like it best. And I am not such an audiophile that I need something better or more accurate.

Converting it or downsampling it or adjusting it can be a rather arduous task; mp3convert can help though.


mp3convert uses very sane, very obvious flags to handle things like bitrate, conversions, recursion and so forth. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I wrote it myself.

I did run into a few errors when trying to convert between formats, but downsampling mp3 to mp3 seemed to work fine.

Although, I should be additionally honest and mention that I’ve run the same mp3s through about four different tools now, so maybe I should check a little more carefully. 😯

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