nffm: Shot with a diamond bullet

Occasionally I run across software so precise and exact that it mystifies even me.

Here’s nffm, which is a well-earned acronym for “nothing fancy file manager.”


“Nothing fancy” isn’t a fair assessment though; it belittles nffm as something basic or rudimentary. nffm is simple, but it’s a sharp, surgical simplicity … not some sort of blunt underdone programming experiment.

The left column is the folder index. The right is the folder contents. To the bottom, stats about the selected file.

Navigate with vi-style keys, moving up or down the folder tree with h and l. Mark files with m, delete with D, and so forth. Bounce between the two columns with the tab key.

The website says nffm has no rc file, and that appears to be the case. If you need more help with keys, controls and more complex file management, take a look at the config.h file. And keep in mind you can modify those, so long as you’re willing to recompile the program.

Shortcomings … are few. nffm doesn’t seem to notice if the terminal dimensions are too small or too large for its layout. In a small terminal emulator the extreme right and bottom will be cut off; in a large tty, there is a lot of wasted space.

And of course, the lack of an rc file is a small inconvenience.

I am willing to overlook those points though, because nffm has a clarity and precision that I appreciate. It’s exceptionally light, razor-sharp and best of all … it’s got color! 😛

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