libjpeg-progs: A quick flashback to the L’s

I promised a week or two ago that I had two leftover programs in the L section that I couldn’t investigate, because of technical issues at the time.

Here’s one of those two: libjpeg-progs. And while this isn’t really a singular program to itself, it does include a lot of goodies. Including:

  • cjpeg, to compress another format into jpg,
  • djpeg, to reverse that operation,
  • rdjpgcom and wrjpgcom, for reading and writing jpg comments,

and some other tools aimed at exif data.


Nothing flashy to show at the terminal, that’s for sure. The others are no more chatty either.

I’m using the name libjpeg-progs as the title here because that’s where they’re found in Debian; in Arch it looks like libjpeg-turbo, although I’m not sure offhand what the distinction is.

One more for the L section, just to be fair. Then more M programs. …

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