wanderlust: emacs plus e-mail equals … emailcs?

I’ll give you a tease of wanderlust, and then give you a few links to get you going on it.


I don’t hold any particular grudge against an e-mail tool embedded in emacs. emacs is extensible enough to handle a nifty spectrum of things — spreadsheets and chat clients to name a few — and if necessary, it can even edit text. 🙄

This time I just didn’t have the patience to wade through the configuration and make wanderlust work with my GMail account. It’s not impossible, I expect, and with help from the wiki and from third-party sites, I reckon it should be fairly easy.

My first attempt only brought me to the title page, as you can see above, and I just didn’t have the heart to push through to a happy ending. Use your imagination. 😉

There. Now, by my calculations, both the emacs and vim contingents should have reached a sensible level of parity, in terms of variants, plugins and extensions. I sure wouldn’t want to show any sliver of favoritism. … :\