scalpel: File extraction and recovery

I am a newcomer to scalpel, so I didn’t know what a “file carver” was when I started it. But now I like its style.


I’m using an old floppy image from a couple of years ago, and asking scalpel to pluck out any files it finds that match certain types.

What you can’t see there is the configuration file, which is where most of your control over scalpel will reside.

If you’re looking for specific types or file extensions, you uncomment them in the conf file and scalpel will include them in its search.

In my case, this avoids the need to write out that image to a floppy, mount it, and go digging for the file manually. Oh, so tiresome. 🙄

Of course you don’t have to use scalpel on images, just a /dev/sdXY location should work as well.

scalpel is in both Arch and Debian; the AUR version yields a 404 though. Look at the comments on that page to get an archived link to the source file.

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