pkgfile: And pacman, for Archers only

Surprisingly, pacman was not on my list, but pkgfile is. I thought about looping back to the start of the P section, to get pacman in. After all, Debian users shouldn’t get all the attention.

But I think I can swoop through both in one quick shot. There’s very little that I can offer in the way of advice for either of them, which is probably good.

And most Archers are clever enough not to rely on me for advice with either, but instead to make their way to the most excellent Linux wiki in the universe, the Arch Linux wiki.


The best use I can offer for pkgfile is to skim through packages — even ones you don’t have installed — and check for program ownership. That’s not a big deal until you are scraping around looking for a lousy one-shot line application, and can’t seem to pin it down.

So even if an app doesn’t stand on its own, you have a way to locate a specific command.

As for pacman … what could I say that would possibly be useful? I think I shall just leave you with my favorite pacman trick: finding orphans.

pacman -Qqtd

Nothing innovative or original there; in fact I think I found that online some years ago. Probably on the wiki. 😕

10 thoughts on “pkgfile: And pacman, for Archers only

  1. kowalski marcin

    Technically, not only. There are Arch derivatives that use it, and also Alpine linux has adapted pkgbuilds and pacman to their needs, under different names – the build scripts are really similar to pkgbuilds.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      True, and there are Arch derivatives that use the same structure. I hoped to abbreviate the post a little that way, rather than appear exclusive. I suppose I did the same thing by suggesting some applications were “for Debian” when they exist all through the Debian-Ubuntu-etc. chain. Point taken. 😉

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