slrn: A lovely creature … once configured

My biggest problem with slrn has always been finding an available news server. I tried five times to get one that was alive and working, before finally coming up with this:

2014-04-29-6m47421-slrn-01 2014-04-29-6m47421-slrn-02

I don’t know much about, and I can only hope it’s not in poor taste. It seems to be well rounded and the home page doesn’t look unprofessional. I think I’m in the clear.

Once slrn is set up, and I admit I needed the help of this page to do that, everything was … more or less easy-peasy. slrn has a nice split-screen arrangement while you’re looking through the news, and the colors are not only easy to read but make sense too.

Ordinarily I don’t have much use for newsreaders but I do like this arrangement, and now that it’s set up and working, I’m afraid to remove it. 😯

So we’ll see how long it lasts for me. I think if I find some interesting hangouts and can learn to use this fairly quickly, it might become a regular occurence for me. 😀

12 thoughts on “slrn: A lovely creature … once configured

  1. Duncan Snowden

    I’ve been using for years; I’d guess around 10 by now, and I know people who’ve been on it longer than that. So definitely not a suspect operation, and it’s a great service.

  2. Eric Fraga

    Off topic but you could check out or for news (nntp servers). should be okay, in any case.

    On topic: I used to use slrn all the time. I thought it was an excellent news reader. These days I use gnus in Emacs for news and email.

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