mairix: Starting off rather weakly

Weakly on my part, not the application’s part. After some real-life intrusions yesterday that completely derailed any plans I had, and after sifting through the first dozen programs on my list and finding a lot of no-shows, I’m going to get the ball rolling with mairix, because I like the looks of it.

And oddly, I have nothing to show for it. πŸ˜•

One of my biggest shortcomings over the past year has been the inability to show a lot of clever mail tools, because I rely on web-based services and don’t run things locally.

I don’t think that’s terribly unusual, but it does mean that things like mairix are more hassle to set up than it’s worth — just to write four paragraphs and snap a screenshot.

It was exceptionally easy to set up though, and while I couldn’t do much but skim through a leftover message or two abandoned in the wake of my last session of re-alpine, mairix complied willingly.

mairix by all accounts should give you quick and painless searching of your locally stored mail, whether it’s maildir, MH or mbox format.

And what I see on the web site looks promising. That, plus the fact that it’s in Arch’s community repo, makes me a little more confident in pushing this to the forefront of the M section.

Even if my own setup more or less precludes getting it working properly. πŸ™„