mutella: Looking for signs of life

I’m going to cross my fingers, and this time hope against all odds that it’s my inability to configure something that is causing an apparent lack of function.

This time it is mutella, a rather old client for the Gnutella network that you might remember from a decade ago. And unfortunately, no screenshot. 😦

I may be able to brag as the only person to remember hearing about Gnutella before Napster or its ilk. It’s an odd badge of fame, but I wear it.

My distress today came at building mutella out of the AUR version, which was supposedly updated as recently as a year ago.

With so few dependencies, I was surprised that it crashed and burned when I tried to build it. A patch is included, and as a troubleshooting measure I tried commenting it out. But that wasn’t the issue.

Adding to my woes, I don’t see it in Debian. Or Fedora. Or Suse or Slackware. 😕

The question at this point becomes, does it still build? I’d like to think so; I’d like to think that whatever issues are holding it back are on my end, and that it will or could still work.

And all of this is done in the hopes that the console version is still functional. Screenshots on the home page look hopeful.

Of course, even if I could get it to build, I’d still have to get it configured, and that’s where I usually fall flat. So maybe it’s better this way. 🙄

Wikipedia insists the Gnutella network is still active; if mutella will build, connect and work as promised, please send us a screenshot. Science demands an answer.

And nobody wants to announce the time of death on an application. 😦

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