pppstatus: By virtue of past performances

I’ll mention pppstatus very quickly today, for three reasons. First, it wouldn’t run on my machine, most likely because I don’t have a ppp device for it to poll.

Second, I have mentioned it in previous posts, alongside such hits as ethstatus and others.

And third, I have used it in the past, so I know it’s functional. In fact, I still have one or two decent screenshots of it.


Mind you, that’s not a recent image.

pppstatus is not in Arch, but it is in Debian … sort of. It’s in Squeeze and Sid, but for some reason isn’t in Wheezy. Must be a packaging issue.

pppstatus is basically a network monitor for a ppp device. I know that’s a little behind on the times, and I take that into consideration when I draft little passages about software.

And I’m sure there are still one or two folks out there who use connections of that type. Maybe not 24/7, but I’m sure it happens.

And you know me: If I wasn’t sure it had at least worked in the past, would I list it here? Actually … don’t answer that. 🙄